Top Rollers for Roving Frames and Ring Frames

Cradles for Roving Frames and Ring Frames

TeraSpin Premium Spindles

SYC and HF Series Spindles

Distance Clips (Spacers)

TRG-5 Grease for Top Rollers

Weighting Arms for Short Staple and Worsted Ring Frame

TeraSpin Weighting Arm Roving Frame

Drafting and Spindles for Worsted Application

Flexi Weighting Arms (PK S 3200 Series)

Product Guide – HF Series Spindles

Installation Guide – PK 2000 Series Weighting Arms

Smart Yarn Catcher (SYC)

TeraSpin Product Brochure

Smart Cradles

New HF S Series Spindles

Infographic – Smart Yarn Catcher (SYC)