Premium ES Spindles

Cost-effective solution for energy saving

TeraSpin’s Premium ES Spindles are the ultimate solution for reducing energy consumption and high energy costs. These spindles are available with HF-1 and HF-100 spindle bearing units with minimum 18 mm wharve dia. and are sure to reduce energy consumption significantly. The well-proven, strong, and sturdy design of HF 1 and HF 100 spindle bearing units make these spindles suitable even for manual doffing.


Significantly lower energy consumption

Low vibrations

Low noise level

Long life


Wharve diameter: up to 18 mm

Only two-point contact (at footstep and neck bearing)

Compact neck bearing manufactured with high precision

Optimised damping of spindle vibrations with improved design and German components

Well-proven conical footstep design

Spring support for axial load

High level of manufacturing precision for all spindle components


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TeraSpin Premium Spindles

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