Regular Cradles

For long life & ease of handling

Cradles discharge the important function of keeping the top apron in position over the rotating apron top roller so that fibres are effectively guided in the main draft zone. TeraSpin cradles are made with Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) for long life and ease of handling.


No chance of deformed cradles being used (unlike metal cradles that are susceptible to deformation), and hence, no danger of producing poor quality of roving/yarn

Existing spacers can be used on these cradles

Consistent roving/yarn quality

Maintenance free

Long life


Design ensures gentle nipping and effective fibre control

Rigid and stable structure for long use in mill conditions

Lighter in weight (compared to sheet metal cradles)

Clean surface for smooth rotation of top aprons

Can readily replace existing metal cradles


Variants for ring frame cradles
OH 62-1275254 (short polymer cradle, 70 mm gauge)
OH 62-1275267 (short polymer cradle, 75 mm gauge)
OH 131-1275264 (medium polymer cradle, 70 mm gauge)
OH 121-000684 (long metal cradle, 70 mm gauge)

Variants for worsted ring frame cradles
OH 554-000075 (metal cradle, 75 mm gauge)

Variants for roving frame cradles
OH 514-1275261 (short polymer cradle)
OH 534-1275268 (medium polymer cradle)
OH 534-000110 (medium metal cradle)
OH 524-000110 (long metal cradle)


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Cradles for Roving Frames and Ring Frames

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