HF S Series Spindles – HF S 681

High speed spindle

The lowest energy consumption, the highest speed, and minimum vibration and noise – these are on the wishlist of every spinning mill, so that they can produce yarn with maximum economy and quality.
These features have been built into the design of TeraSpin’s new HF S series of spindles: a new spindle bearing unit precision-engineered to save energy and reduce vibration and noise, while operating at very high speeds. A single elastic or double elastic bolster construction combined with robust radial bearings also allows these spindles to handle high radial loads.


Stable running at high load

Energy efficient

Excellent price/performance ratio


Maximum mechanical speed up to 25,000 rpm

Minimum wharve dia.:
18 mm with ES (Energy Saving) spindles
18.5 mm for other spindles

Sphero point foot-step design

Two radial bearings for higher radial loads

Shorter blade length

Can be used for various makes and models of ring spinning frames

Supplied with multiple options:
- External hook or internal locking (SL) system
- Smart Yarn Catcher (SYC) or knurling and cutter
- Spring-loaded or centrifugal button


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New HF S Series Spindles

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