Weighting Arms for Short Staple Ring Frames

Pre-calibrated weighting arms
TeraSpin weighting arms are characterized by their robust design and corrosion resistant finish. Not only are these weighting arms built to last the lifetime of the ring frame, but each weighting arm exerts the same load on all the top rollers irrespective of how long the arm has been in use or at what position in the machine it is fastened. Loading springs used on TeraSpin weighting arms are pre-calibrated for specified loads for an unlimited period of time.


Suitable for a wide variety of fibres and yarn counts

Free from vagaries of pneumatic pressure loss or pressure variations

No height gauge setting required after cot buffing within the specified range of the cot diameters

Consistent quality of yarn

Virtually maintenance-free

Long service life


Single piece ergonomic lifting knob


Choice of load selection on each top roller

Reliable loading through proven helical coil springs

Easy to remove and mount rollers


Variants for cotton ring frame
PK 2025-1251331 (suitable for short cradle)
PK 2035-1251784 (suitable for medium and long cradle)
PK 2025-22R: With higher front top roller load suitable for short cradle
PK 2035-22R: With higher front top roller load suitable for medium and long cradle


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