Flexi Weighting Arms

PK S 3200 series

TeraSpin has developed the PK S 3200 series of Flexi Weighting Arms for short staple ring frames, especially to replace and get rid of the vagaries of existing pneumatic drafting systems. These new Flexi Weighting Arms offer maximum flexibility to use most of the parts of the existing drafting components, including compact systems, and their fixing arrangements. With the TeraSpin PK S 3200 series of Flexi Weighting Arms, the spinning industry can easily overcome the challenges of pneumatic drafting on ring frames with minimal investment – and derive long-term benefits of improved productivity and best yarn quality!


Minimal investment and better payback

Consistent loads delivering consistent yarn quality

Improves productivity of ring frame

Ease of installation and retention of existing components

Long service life

Ease in maintenance – no pressure checking/losses due to compressor and change of cot diameters

Flexibility to handle wide variety of fibres and yarn counts to suit today’s fashion industry demand

Attractive price/performance ratio

Low energy consumption as no compressed air - contributes to sustainability


Fits on the existing hexagonal tube of a pneumatic drafting system

Accommodates the existing top rollers

Higher front top roller load

Options of five different loads on each top roller

Adjustable front top roller off-set

Easy height (pressure) setting

Easily replaceable individual weighting elements for each top roller

Adaptable to existing compact yarn systems

Consistent reliable loading through helical springs


PK S 3220: Short cradle, existing top rollers
PK S 3225: Medium/long cradle, existing top rollers

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