Upgrade Kits

For improved performance

TeraSpin upgrade kits offer the twin benefits of enhanced performance and low investment. A viable option adopted by many spinning mills globally, it improves productivity, quality, and energy efficiency.


Improved and consistent quality of output

Maximum benefits with minimum capital investment

Increased spindle speed and productivity

Reduced power consumption

Extended machine life

Minimum disturbance to production

Improved price/performance ratio


Only few selected parts of the drafting system need to be replaced

Fixing of the new drafting components is simple and easy

No problem in working and maintenance even if there is a combination of old drafting components with some new drafting components

Very short installation time


Spindles: Spindles with customised design and suitable insert (HF-100/HF-1/HF-21/HF-21C) can replace existing spindles
PK 1500 3/3 and 4/4 drafting system for speed frames
PK 2025/PK 2035 drafting system for ring frames
PK 1601-01 drafting system for worsted ring frames
Flexi Weighting Arms (PK S 3200 series) for upgrading pneumatic drafting system



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Product Guide – Drafting Upgrade Kits

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