Top Rollers for Worsted Ring Frames

For consistent quality of roving & yarn
Each top roller is manufactured such that the clearance between hardened arbor and shell is perfectly matched with appropriately sized double row steel balls. The top rollers made for ring frames are injected with just the right amount of our special grease – TRG 5. The ends are fitted with a uniquely designed seal to prevent leaks while in operation.


Reduced maintenance – extended re-lubrication intervals due to TRG 5 grease

No ingress of any contamination

Higher load carrying capacity

Smoother rolling of top rollers resulting in better and consistent roving and yarn quality

Smoother rotation leading to longer service life


Sturdy double row ball bearings with low friction

Through hardened components

Proven & effective U-type seal

Controlled radial clearances

Lubricated with long life grease - TRG 5


LP 314-000075
LP 314-000825
LP 316-000075
LP 316-000825


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TeraSpin Product Brochure

Top Rollers for Roving Frames and Ring Frames

TRG-5 Grease for Top Rollers

Installation and Maintenance Guidelines for Top Rollers

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