FAQs - Spindles

Which types of spindles can TeraSpin supply?

TeraSpin can supply spindles for any make & model of ring frame – for both short and long staple spinning and for all kinds of fibers – cotton, worsted, synthetic, and their blends.

Can TeraSpin supply blade type spindles?

No, TeraSpin only supplies aluminum plug type spindles – but these can be used to upgrade machines which currently run with blade type spindles.

Is it possible to replace existing blade type spindles with aluminum plug type spindles?

Yes, TeraSpin can design and manufacture aluminum plug type spindles which can easily upgrade existing blade type spindles. But to use the new spindles, one has to change the bobbins (tubes) as existing bobbins (tubes) of blade type spindles will not be suitable for aluminum plug type spindles.

Can TeraSpin spindles run at the max. speed mentioned in the brochure/leaflet?

Each spindle bearing unit has been designed for the maximum mechanical spindle speed as mentioned in our literature. However, actual operating speeds depend on various parameters as recommended by the machinery manufacturers; maintenance practices and machine condition; the raw material, environment, yarn count being spun, bobbin (tube) length, bobbin (tube) clearance, bobbin (tube) rigidity, bobbin (tube) protrusion over plug, spinning ring diameter, type of spindle top part, etc. For actual maximum spindle speed achievable in a particular situation please consult TeraSpin.

Are TeraSpin spindles equipped with spring buttons or with centrifugal buttons?

TeraSpin can supply its spindles with either spring buttons or centrifugal buttons, as per customer’s requirement.

What type of locking system for the spindle top part do TeraSpin spindles have?

TeraSpin can supply spindles with either external locking (hook type) or self-locking type spindles as per customer’s requirement.

Which oil does TeraSpin recommend for their spindles?

TeraSpin recommends spindle oil of VG 10 viscosity class as per ISO standard (e.g. Servospin EE10)

What is the course of action TeraSpin recommends if one is facing a problem while oiling TeraSpin spindles with their existing spindle oiling machine?

Please talk to us for help on this issue…in general, we need to determine the suitability of the adaptor of your spindle lubricating machine for the given TeraSpin insert (spindle bearing unit). If the existing adaptor of the spindle lubricating machine is not suitable for the given TeraSpin insert (spindle bearing unit), please check with the adaptors that may have come with your spindle oiling machine. (Generally, spindle lubricating machines are supplied with different types of adaptors suitable for different inserts (spindle bearing units) available in the market.) If you do not have the right adaptor, then please ask the spindle lubricating machine manufacturer to you the right one.

Does TeraSpin offer energy saving spindles?

Yes, TeraSpin can offer energy saving spindles! We have full details in the product section of our website!

FAQs - Top Rollers

Do new top rollers supplied by TeraSpin need to be greased before they are installed on spinning machines?

No, the new loose boss top rollers supplied by TeraSpin are always prefilled with TRG 5 and are ready for use. Hence, no lubrication is required for newly purchased top rollers.

Which grease does TeraSpin recommend for top rollers?

TeraSpin recommends TRG-5 grease for all top rollers for better & consistent yarn quality & longer life of the top rollers.

What should be the top roller greasing frequency when TRG-5 grease is used?

For top roller speed is <500 rpm, one can re-grease the top rollers after 30000 working Hours.

Is it necessary to check radial play of the bare top rollers supplied by TeraSpin before installation?

No, this is not required or desirable. The radial play of each top roller is checked by TeraSpin with a special fixture before it is supplied. Hand checking is not accurate and is hence not advised.

Can TeraSpin supply top rollers for ring frame pneumatic drafting systems too?

Yes, TeraSpin can also supply top rollers for ring frame pneumatic drafting. For roving frames, we only supply top rollers for spring loaded weighting arms

FAQs - Weighting Arms

Is it possible to replace the existing pneumatic weighting arms of my ring frame with spring loaded weighting arms?

Yes, the new Flexi Weighting Arms of the PK S 3200 series can easily replace ring frame pneumatic weighting arms with minimal investment & a very fast payback.

Is it possible to replace the existing pneumatic weighting arms of my roving frame with spring loaded weighting arms?

Yes, this is easy to do. We can help you select the right variant from our extensive range of spring-loaded weighting arms for roving frames of the PK 1500 or PK 1600 series to do this. Once again – a small investment, many benefits & a very fast payback.

Is it possible to convert 3-roller drafting to 4-roller drafting on a roving frame?

Yes, this is easily accomplished. A 3-roller drafting system on roving frames usually has lower fiber wastage in yarn manufacturing and also requires less grease for maintenance.

Is it possible to switch over from a short cradle to medium or long cradle & vice versa?

Yes, depending on the fiber properties, such changes often help reach better yarn quality.

Is spring-loaded drafting 100% maintenance free?

Yes, it is 100% maintenance free! There are no compressed air leakages and pressure fluctuations to worry about. TeraSpin springs are calibrated for life.

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