Spindles With Smart Yarn Catcher

User-friendly yarn clamping

Accumulation of residual yarn on ring frame spindles at the end of every doff has been a perennial problem for the spinning industry. The accumulated residual yarn is not only a waste of material but also needs to be manually cleaned, which involves many man-hours and reduces the productivity of the ring frames.

TeraSpin has developed a Smart Yarn Catcher (SYC) that is self-cleaning. The residual yarn left behind after every doff is expelled by centrifugal forces – putting an end to a major pain area in the operation of ring frames!

Many trials have shown no yarn accumulation on SYC units even after 45 days of continuous running. With optimisation of process parameters, one can truly achieve performance free of residual yarn accumulation.


Minimum yarn used for clamping

No accumulation of residual yarn – the flat annular clamping faces enable the clamped yarn to move out of device easily by centrifugal forces alone

No cleaning of residual yarn – less labour hours

Reduced start-up breaks

Improved ring frame productivity

Very long service life


Automatic opening and closing of clamping faces with change in spindle speed.
-Clamping faces open at about 12500 rpm (+/- 1000 rpm)
-Clamping faces close at about 6000 rpm (+/- 500 rpm)

Firm grip of yarn between upper and lower clamping faces which can align precisely with each other due to unique mechanism

Special cutter for reliable yarn cutting


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Smart Yarn Catcher (SYC)

Infographic – Smart Yarn Catcher (SYC)

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