Spinning mills can choose from two types of drafting systems for their ring frames: either pneumatic drafting systems or mechanical (spring-loaded) drafting systems. In India, the majority of installed ring frame spindles are working with pneumatic drafting systems.


Since mechanical drafting systems are maintenance free, thereby saving time and cost, and they give better yarn quality consistently, most spinning mills with pneumatic drafting sooner or later would prefer to switch over to mechanical drafting. But they are usually deterred by the high cost of the switchover since such a change usually involves the replacement of the complete drafting system (weighting arm, top rollers and cradles) along with other auxiliaries (arm bar, arm bar brackets, etc.) resulting in high cost.

This is why, TeraSpin has launched the new Flexi Weighting Arms PKS 3200 series, which enables a smooth and economical transition of spinning mills from pneumatic drafting to mechanical drafting.


Key features and benefits for TeraSpin Flexi Weighting Arms of PKS 3200 series are:

1. It is the most economical mechanical drafting solution available in the market. Hence Return on Investment (ROI) is the fastest

2. Can be easily retrofitted using the existing drafting components and auxiliaries, including hexagonal bars

3. Easy installation, no special tools are required, except a pressure setting gauge to set the right top arm pressure

4. Suitable for different applications like normal spinning, compact spinning, fancy lycra yarn, etc. It is suitable for a wide variety of fibres and yarn counts

5. Designed on the well-proven principle of loading through helical coil springs. Each top roller precisely maintains the rated loading over the years and hence consistent yarn quality is delivered over time

6. Loading through helical coil springs makes this weighting arm maintenance free and there is no need to reset the pressure of the top arm after cot buffing within the specified range of the cot diameters

7. Flexi weighting arm offers 5 different options for load on all the 3 top rollers. Depending on application and requirement, one can easily change the load of individual top rollers. Higher load for front top roller is provided for applications such as compact spinning

8. Depending on the application and the spinning geometry of a ring frame, one can adjust the off-set of the front top roller for better yarn performance

9. In all, 8 different models of TeraSpin Flexi Weighting Arms of PK S 3200 series are available depending on the application. It is very easy to switch over from one model to another based on changing market demand for different types of yarn as true to its name, the top arm has individual replaceable weighting elements for each top roller.

The use of TeraSpin Flexi Weighting Arms has resulted in significant improvement in yarn quality with different fibres and yarn counts. For spinning mills, the TeraSpin Flexi Weighting arms therefore offers the most versatile, economical solution to improve yarn quality and save on maintenance cost and time.