Spinning mills have two basic choices for drafting systems for their ring frames – pneumatic drafting systems or mechanical (spring loaded) drafting systems.  Mechanical drafting is generally preferred to pneumatic drafting. This is because spring loaded mechanical weighting arms are maintenance free, hence maintenance time & cost is almost zero. Furthermore, the spring loaded weighting arms give comparatively better yarn quality consistently. Thus, the mechanical weighting arms are “fit & forget” and are user friendly.

Spinning mills with ring frames originally equipped with pneumatic drafting, therefore, prefer to switch to mechanical drafting to optimise the ring frame performance and save maintenance cost, but are deterred by the high cost of the switchover. A change from pneumatic to mechanical drafting usually involves the replacement of the complete drafting system (weighting arm, top rollers and cradles) along with other auxiliaries.  Considering that there are several hundred drafting positions per ring frame and the large number of ring frames installed in a spinning mill, the expenses for the switch over can be prohibitive.

“Many customers had approached us for providing solution for pneumatic drafting and that has set us on to the path to find a long term and economical solution to this challenge” says Mr K P Singh, Director – TeraSpin.

TeraSpin’s dedicated efforts have paid off with the development of a novel solution to resolve this issue. TeraSpin’s Flexi weighting arms for short staple ring frames offer maximum flexibility to use the existing drafting parts, compact systems, and other existing arrangements. This enables the switch over from the pneumatic drafting system to a superior mechanical drafting system most economically.

Besides, the new Flexi weighting arms are very easy to install, are user friendly, and save time in pressure (height) setting, thus making them an even more attractive value proposition.

“TeraSpin Flexi weighting arm resolves a major challenge faced by the spinning mills with existing pneumatic ring frame top arms and it squarely addresses the paradox of need v/s cost” avers Mr Kiran Hanchate, Business Head (Textile Engineering – Spinning Machinery & Accessories).

Listed below are some of the features and benefits of the TeraSpin Flexi weighting arms:


  • Suitable for hexagonal arm bar
  • Can accommodate existing top rollers
  • Higher front top roller load
  • Options of 5 different loads on each top roller
  • Adjustable front top roller off-set
  • Easy height (pressure) setting
  • Easily replaceable individual weighting elements for each top roller
  • Suitable for compact systems
  • Reliable loading through leveraged force of helical coil springs



  • Minimal investment
  • Consistent and better yarn quality
  • Improves working of ring frame
  • Ease of installation
  • Longer service life
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Suitable for wide variety of fibres and yarn counts
  • Free from vagaries of pneumatic pressure loss or pressure variation
  • No height gauge setting required after cot buffing within the specified range of the cot diameters

Currently, the Flexi weighting arms of PK S 3000 series are available in 8 different variants.

These variants are developed on the basis of ring frame configuration and customisation requirements. It is also very easy and economical to switch from one variant to another.

For more details, please visit our website https://www.ategroup.com/teraspin or write to us at: sales@teraspin.com.